Animal Rescue Coalition (ARC) of Mecosta County

Non-Profit Website


Animal Rescue Coalition (ARC) is a no-kill animal shelter located in Big Rapids, Michigan. A registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, ARC aims to improve the lives of dogs and cats in Mecosta County. The shelter accepts dogs and cats of all ages and breeds, and animals in ARC’s care are never euthanized due to lack of space.

ARC’s previous website was launched in 2013 and had a fixed-width layout that was difficult to use on mobile devices.

I redesigned the website with a responsive layout so it will adapt to the user’s screen size. The redesigned website is entirely hand-coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Animal Rescue Coalition responsive website

The first step in the redesign process was identifying the strengths and shortcomings of the existing website. I surveyed a small group of people within the website's target audience. 50% of those surveyed said the text was difficult to read without zooming in, and 41.67% said the website was cumbersome to use on their smartphone. These were two of the primary issues I sought to resolve.

Previous website on smartphone

Design Process

I began planning the new ARC website by creating wireframes, which are low-fidelity drawings used to plan a website’s basic structure and functionality.

Animal Rescue Coalition wireframes

The next step was establishing the overall visual design of the new website. The high-fidelity mockups I created at this stage served as guides for coding the pages.

Animal Rescue Coalition mockups


To measure to success of the redesign, I again surveyed a small group of people within the target audience. This time 89.5% of respondents said the text was easily readable without zooming, and 94.8% agreed or strongly agreed that the website was overall easy to use.

Animal Rescue Coalition wireframes