Laura Pierson

Hi, I'm Laura!

I craft beautifully simple websites from concept to code.

I’m a website designer, front-end developer, and supporter of KISS — the principle, not the band.

My passion is crafting beautifully simple websites. By simple, I don’t mean boring. Simplicity isn’t a style. It’s a principle that more effective solutions stem from eliminating complexities. Keeping websites simple shows you care about the people using them.

I started college as a journalism major, but I quickly realized that I wasn’t interested in the news. I was, however, interested in knowing what font was used for that headline and … Long story short: I got a degree in graphic design. Ironically, I then started my design career in the newspaper industry. After 7 years designing for both kinds of webs, I went back to school for a second degree in web development so I could focus on my designing for my favorite web.

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